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''Business consultancy''


TM Global Business Solutions is a services-oriented start-up consulting and business development firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of small and medium UK based businesses by offering a full suite of services to address the biggest challenges businesses face across any sector or global market: sustaining and financing growth, managing risk and talent, optimizing operations and protecting value.

About Me

our Services:

1-Strategy & performance improvement

  • We will deliver strategy development and performance improvement services at every stage of our clients’ growth journey. We will work together with companies’ top management to clarify alternatives, refine ideas, and quantify solutions. We will monitor and analyze trends and innovative elements that contribute to the enrichment and development of different areas of business. Our service offering includes:

  • Corporate strategy

  • Management of business units/service lines

  • Strategic planning

  • Corporate governance

  • Innovation framework

  • Assessment of new Business Models   


2- Financial management

We can help improve our client’s financial processes and systems and transform the finance function such that they can focus on informing decision makers and enhance business understanding. From our understanding of the requirements of each management level, we will cover all phases necessary for properly implementing such requirements. We will define and implement metrics that are most suitable metrics for the proper governance of the different business areas of an organization. We will define profitability measurement and business planning models; validate, modify and establish the information origins/sources; define transformation processes (calculations and metrics); and become involved in the technology implementation required for proper operation, ensuring that the use of these tools is maximized. Our service offering will include:

  • Management and Balanced Scorecard systems.

  • Profitability systems.

  • Cost allocation systems.

  • Budgeting systems.

  • Data quality and reporting governance models.

  • Financial data dictionaries and functional data model architecture.

  • Support to make Entities compliant with regulatory reporting.


3-Sales and Marketing management


We will optimize companies’ organic growth due to our programs to encourage customer loyalty and retention, make price/return adjustments and revive commercial activity. Our approach to commercial activity is based on an in-depth analysis of our clients’ needs, supplemented by the identification of the appropriate value chain to enable us to efficiently meet these needs. Our service offering will include:

  • Evolution of business models and relationship models by customer segment

  • Market insights

  • Data science - customer analytics

  • Marketing Datamarts.

  • Innovation of the value proposition

  • Pricing

  • Omnichannel transformation

  • Improved business productivity in distribution networks

  • Commercial and operational efficiency​


4-Risk Management and Control 

Based on our thorough knowledge of business, control and management requirements, and current regulations, we will provide the optimum market solutions to efficiently manage the organization’s risks. In addition, when an organization decides to engage in international financing activities, it takes on additional risk along with the opportunities. The main risks that are associated with businesses engaging in international finance include foreign exchange risk and political risk. Our service offering will include:

  • Integral risk management, RAROC and pricing.

  • Market risks.

  • Credit risks.

  • Operational risks.

  • Model risk.

  • Compliance and conduct risks.

  • Economic and regulatory capital.

  • Capital planning (stress test).

  • Provisions.

  • Organization and governance of the risk function.


5-Transformation: Organization & Processes

We will provide our clients with the best organizational and process reengineering practices in the market which includes organizing, resizing, defining functions and articulating a proper governance structure. Our approach aims to achieve significant improvements in the effectiveness of activities, a substantial increase in user and customer satisfaction, and an appropriate reduction in costs. Additionally, we ensure the availability of management metrics that guarantee efficient control of the processes implemented, together with an implementation schedule carefully tailored to our clients’ current circumstances. Our service offering will include:

  • Optimization of organizational structures and models.

  • Testing of processes and identification and prioritizing of action lines.

  • Implementation of process and service optimization solutions.

  • Application of techniques such as co-creation, focus group and mystery shopping.

  • Comprehensive programs to improve processes and organizational efficiency.

  • Improved profitability through tactical programs to improve results.

  • Zero-Base-Budget cost optimization mechanisms.

  • Cost management and allocation systems (ABC/ABM).


6-Technology strategy & management

  • We will define and implement the best technology for each organization, and design data and reporting governance that is best suited to the requirements and capabilities of each organization. We will specialize in support technology and management support, and assist our clients to find the most adequate solutions to enable them to efficiently manage their businesses. Our service offering will include:

  • IT strategy, system plans and change management.

  • Improved efficiency in IT.

  • IT Servicing.

  • Architecture definition and platform selection.

  • Selection and installation of management software.

  • Big Data, Data Science and Information Systems.

  • Knowledge management.

  • Specialized solutions for financial markets (front/middle/back office).

  • Proprietary solutions (MIR, SIRO, Paladin, Gamma).

  • Cybersecurity.

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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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